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prestada is the only consulting company capable of offering the complete range of People Analytics services in-house. We have more than 15 years of experience in the application of multivariate statistics in HR. We help you manage your People Analytics projects, gain valuable insights for your organization and derive effective measures without needing to build up internal resources.


We enable businesses to practice future-oriented HR Management. We take up your questions, formulate hypotheses, collect data, employ inferential statistics, interpret the results and provide answers. Instead of gut feelings, we give you facts. To help you make better decisions.

What’s the data hype all about, anyway?

Data are the new petroleum. The most valuable companies in the world deal in data. Why are data so valuable? Because they can provide insights that enable companies to make better decisions. Algorithms can scan large amounts of data for patterns that are not accessible to human intuition. These patterns may be used to derive predictions which in turn may lead to profitable decisions in the company.

An irresistible global trend

A growing number of businesses worldwide are already employing People Analytics. Technology companies, banks, insurance providers, telecommunications companies, consumer goods producers, public utilities, non-profit organizations and many others use People Analytics to find out

how to retain high performers

how to employ effective diagnostics for a better employee selection process

which employees are most valuable for the organization

how to assemble the most productive teams

how to best manage diversity

how to manage the flow of communication within the company

Why use data analysis in HR?

One of the most decisive factors for a company’s long-term success is the interplay between employees and the organizational environment. By intelligently combining employee data with data from other business areas, it is possible to discover previously unknown interconnections as well as new ways of influencing them.


Sports has led the way: baseball, basketball and football are pioneers of the data revolution. Movements on the playing field are systematically recorded and measured, algorithms are changing the understanding of the game, data based scouting is changing the way teams are put together.

„Instead of feelings, we now have facts.“

Glen Riddershol, Danish football coach

Luck and misfortune can be calculated. Books and movies such as “Moneyball“ by Michael Lewis have long become classics.

Humans are biased – be more objective

The central belief of digitalized sport is that statistically generated performance indicators are more objective and reliable than the subjective opinions of players, coaches, managers and scouts.

Can you afford NOT to use data analysis?

Human judgement is prone to error – this is as true in sports as it is in the realm of business. Studies have shown that statistical regression models are generally better than experts at predicting future outcomes. Yet, although in many companies staff related costs are the biggest cost factor, important HR related tasks such as employee selection have traditionally been based mainly on expert assessments.


This means that there is an enormous potential for saving costs and raising profits through the use of data analyses in HR. Read on about how prestada can help you leverage that potential.


of all organizations with more than 10,000 employees worldwide already have a People Analytics team.


is the average annual rate of increase of the number of people listing HR Analytics as a skill on their LinkedIn profile.


of all People Analytics projects are at risk due to ethical or privacy concerns.


of all companies believe they have a good understanding of which skills are related to high performance.

(Source: Deloitte Human Capital Trends report 2017 and PwC 20th CEO Survey, „The rise of Analytics in HR“, LinkedIn Talent Solutions)

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