About Us

Read about our history, our philosophy and our team.

In 2006 we were approached by an insurance company that was experiencing high unwanted attrition among its exclusive sales agents. Many newly hired sales agents were leaving the company after short periods of time. This resulted in high costs for hiring and training new agents as well as loss of customers due to ever-changing contact persons.


Even more surprising than the high attrition rate was the company’s fatalistic attitude towards this phenomenon. “This has always been a problem, there is nothing we can do about it” – statements such as this were common among managers at the company. In our view, however, there was no reason to assume that the principle of causality – every effect must have a cause – should not apply to attrition. And if the cause was found, it should be possible to influence it and reduce the effect.

We therefore decided to investigate the cause of attrition at the insurance company and to propose measures for reducing it. Our idea was to treat attrition as a research object and to conduct the investigation in a scientific way, using the same empirical methods that are employed in the social sciences: representative samples and multivariate statistics.


This became our first People Analytics project – although back in 2006 the term People Analytics had not yet been coined.

The prestada team

We are a team of network partners driven by a shared belief in the superiority of statistical analysis over intuitive judgement. And by a shared desire to put our special expertise to bear on all matters relating to people in organizations, aiming to uncover cause-effect relationships with the goal of

“Finding better answers to fundamental questions.“

This is what unites and motivates us.

All our team members are experts in their respective fields. Together, we are a high-performance team. As HR professionals, university lecturers and consultants, we command extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of business administration, mathematics, statistics, occupational psychology, the social sciences and data visualization. We know businesses of all sizes and from different industries, from an inside and outside perspective. And we know the nuts and bolts of data gathering, analysis and interpretation as well as project management and communication.


This allows our clients to purchase People Analytics know-how externally according to their particular needs without having to worry about legal compliance, data security and methodological soundness.

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